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Substance Recovery Homes

sample imageThe most urgent need of women recovering from alcohol and other drug addictions is for residential programs where their children can live with them.  The care of her children and the fear of separation from them are the primary reasons why most women do not seek treatment. ReDiscover’s purchase of both homes in 2009 (Friendship House & Catherine’s Place) has allowed female clients in ReDiscover's Women with Children's program that need housing to receive residential services along with the comprehensive substance services at the 3211 Woodland location.

Both Friendship House and Catherine’s Place serve women and women with their children in a supportive home setting through the provision of services that facilitate sobriety and self-sufficiency.  Each home has 8 family style bedrooms, on site laundry, full-service kitchen, a secure public entrance, space for individualized counseling and organized group counseling. Common areas permit the families to live in community, while private and semi private residential areas provide privacy for individual family time. Residents at both homes are able to use the childcare center at Catherine's Place and a shared outdoor playground. 

Friendship House provides residential housing during the first 28 days of treatment while Catherine's Place provides transitional housing for the remainder of treatment.

ReDiscover's Women and Children's programs include:

Children’s Daycare Services – ReDiscover obtained state licensure for the daycare center onsite at Catherine’s Place but for financial efficiency reasons chose to continue operating under the Department of Mental Health guidelines which offer more enhanced child development programming. All children in the Women with Children's program attend Catherine’s Place childcare center for daycare.  Around twenty (20) children a day receive care and meals.

ReDiscover is actively seeking private sources, as public funding is diminishing.  If you are interested in donating to the operations campaign contact ReDiscover's Development Department at 816.347.3201.


The Vision

ReDiscover Women and Children's Campus at Friendship House and Catherine’s Place will continue to provide a dignified safe haven within which women can recover from alcoholism and other drug addictions, learn to live sober and become economically self-reliant thereby helping women rebuild their lives for themselves and their children.

Catherine's Place

Catherine's Place

3720 Gillham Road | Kansas City, Missouri

Friendship House

Friendship House

3728 Gillham Road | Kansas City, Missouri